Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Top Technology Trends of 2021


1. Agile march will continue

2. Business Agility will start getting serious traction.

3. AI and ML professionals will be in great demand.

4. Semantic expansion of Agile and DevOps will continue with greater strength.

5. Virtual reality and augmented reality will continue its market gain in the enterprise training market.

6. Remote working will continue even with diminishing effects of COVID

7. IoT will penetrate further in the home automation market.

8. Biology and computer science will start see mass level merging of ideas.

9. Privacy issues will continue to haunt in social media and home automation.

10.The autonomous vehicles still be struggling to be street legal.

11.Various options for AI as a service will emerge.

12.The online non-human medical practitioners will register their presence.  

13.NLP will scale new height.

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