Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Book Review: Hands-On Programming with R - Write Your Own Functions and Simulations

Book Review:  Hands-On Programming with R - Write Your Own Functions and Simulations by Garrett Grolemund: Publisher- O'Reilly: ISBN- 13: 978-1449359010

“Hands on programming with R” very nicely introduces its reader to R. The approach adopted by book is excellent.  Book focuses on language features and its practical usage and takes readers to a smooth journey.

Few people consider R from point of view of Data manipulation & visualization perspective, while book takes procedural language path which is refreshing and will attract more programmers.

The example of casino game seems to be little off from real world usage of R but overall book is excellent and a good start for any programmer to start learning R.

Disclaimer: I did not get paid to review this book, and I do not stand to gain anything if you buy the book. I have no relationship with the publisher or the author. I got electronic format of book from publisher for review.

Further reading: There are several books on similar topic. The Art of R Programming: A Tour of Statistical Software Design (, R for Everyone: Advanced Analytics and Graphics (

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Design & Architecture Documents style for a software project

Recently, while browsing a catalogue of RC cars (from Kyosho), I stumbled upon the following picture.

This picture is not from assembly instruction booklet but from a product catalogue.

Now have a look at the two famous brands that promote DIY – Lego and Ikea.

Here is an instruction set for a very simple Lego toy.

And here is one page from Ikea’s instruction booklet: 

Which picture provides most information in the easiest way to assemble the item under construction? Focus should be on placement of parts before assembly and during assembly.
What is your design and architecture documentation style – Lego, Ikea, Kyosho or something else?