Monday, December 4, 2017

Prediction for next decade (2018-2027) - 2018

1. Agile transformation market will thrive while large enterprises will struggle to transform.
2.  Bigdata trend will keep gaining strength in both spheres – Batch & Real time. But too many tools may kill momentum.
3. SAAS and PAAS will prevail for the small and big enterprise.
4. IAAS will thrive in enterprise data centers (Private Cloud).
5. Industry-specific cloud platforms will rise to cater regulatory and vertical-specific needs.
6. Artificial intelligence will be new playground of software developers.
7.  Digital currencies will impact financial markets in a big way.
8.  Fragmentation of Internet - There will be walls around a country or region-specific internet.
9. Applications will be pervasive in devices and appliances like phones (mobile and fixed line), TVs, automobiles, refrigerators, disk (CD/DVD/BlueRay) players, and any other computing device.
10. Indian IT workforce will shift from permanent job to contractual jobs like in the USA.
11. 3D printing will start making penetration into consumer market which will take a heavy toll on mass manufacturing based economies.
12. Fragmentation and Alternatives of Java and Enterprise Java (like Apache harmony, and Spring) will emerge stronger and official Java from Oracle will lose its sheen due to lust for its monetization by Oracle.
13.  The rise of China-based technology companies.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Top Trends of 2018

1. In software development and maintenance, fall of the waterfall will continue while Agile will be rising.
2. Agile transformation business will flourish further.
3. Agile at scale will continue to haunt.
4. The noise around budgeting, HR, sales & marketing, and other enterprise functions in the Agile adopting environment may become loud enough.
5. Containerization and micro service will keep on rising in software architecture and design.
6. The cloud-based application will penetrate further into the enterprise market.
7. Voice-based interaction and user interface will gain a further foothold in home improvement market.
8. Mobile payment will become ubiquitous.
9. Internet of things will keep growing in consumer and enterprise market.
10. Bigdata, Artificial intelligence, and user experience professionals will be in great demand.
11. Autonomous vehicle technology will be pursued further.
12. Virtual and augmented reality will start making a further inroad into enterprise training business.
13. The merger of devices will continue.