Tuesday, September 26, 2017

How to eat an ELEPHANT?

How lucky I am, I just hunted down an elephant!! I am going to enjoy it for a long time. No need to hunt for a year. I have more than enough food.

Wait!! Meat will spoil soon, so I can not wait for a year to consume even, not six months. What should I do?? Hmm... I have an idea, I will be eating more and finish this elephant in six months.  No way, I do not want to die as obese. Oh my God!! what are my options? Yep, I have an idea, let's call my friends and share the elephant. That's a good idea, when they have an elephant, they will call me for the feast.

Hurray!!! I know how to each elephant again and again.

Now I know, how I will be helping an organization to transform. After all, I know how to eat an elephant.