Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Predictions of Next decade (2021 -2030)


There is no change from 2020 prediction

 1.  Agile transformation & Business Agility will continue to drive great profit for consulting businesses.

2.  AI will be pervasive.

3.  Algorithmic driven operations in the service industry will be the norm.

4.  Digital currencies will start challenging the national currencies.

5.  3D printing will be able to a decent speed of product but still be vanity.

6.  Fragmentation of the internet. There will be country/region-specific walls.

7.  Cloud tri-poly or quad-poly will continue.

8.  Social media will make people lonelier and rip the democratic and social fabric.

9.  China-based vs USA-based tech organization will open new business war theaters.

10. Industry-specific cloud offerings will be the norm.

11. Autonomous vehicles will start shaking the foundation of the laws and insurance industry.

12. Voice and gesture-based interfaces will be the norm.

13. The Quantum computing race will continue.

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