Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Symptoms of Maturity of a Scrum Team

In the Agile way of working and Scrum, we all talk about team's maturity. What are the characteristics of a maturing team? In this article, I am listing few of the characteristics of a maturing team.

  1. Duration of Sprint Planning Meeting start reducing due to better and better refinement of PBIs
  2. Refinement sessions start becoming shorter and shorter because DevTeam and Product Owner are refining Product Backlog on continuous basis
  3. DevTeam starts ignoring presence or absence of Scrum Master during Daily Standup
  4. Impromptu Retrospectives start happening
  5. Fifteen minutes time box for Daily Standup starts feeling long
  6. After Daily Standup, Scrum Master has shorter and shorter  To Do list w.r.t. impediment resolution  and DevTeam members are tackling impediments themselves
  7. PBIs are of similar size
  8. Burn Down chart is pretty smooth over many many Sprints
  9. Product Backlog is DEEP enough and holding INVESTable PBIs for next one to two Sprints
  10. In a truck hitting a DevTeam member thought  experiment, effect on velocity in short term start reducing
  11. Technical debt has steady or downward trend
  12. Scrum Master in getting more and more involved with organizational level impediments because DevTeam is tackling team level impediments
  13. DevTeam is interacting with end users though work is routing via Product Owner

I am sure you have your own list. Let's share that list with the wider community.

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